TBalloonHint in Delphi

Here in this blog, I will explain how to display hints using the TBalloonHint component. Balloon hints simply display a hints then disappear after a short period of time. BalloonHint component is added to show hint in balloon style. TBalloonHint typically has a bhsBalloon style property which defines style of hint. Title and Description property is used for hint Title and hint description.

Properties Delay Specifies the delay before displaying the hint. Description Provides the description of a hint HideAfter Specifies the time to wait before hiding the hint. ImageIndex Specifies the index in the image list. Images Specifies the list of images that can be displayed with the hint.

TFDMemTable a better alternative to TClientDataset in Delphi


FDMemTable is FireDAC dataset component that supports in memory table functionality. By using FDMemTable we can store data in a table format in local memory. We don’t need any database connection for this. We just need to add fields with definitions. Then we can create the table and add, edit, delete records. If we are only using FireDAC, then FDMemTable should be used only when we have memory-only data. And also in some special cases; for example, you can load CSV file into FDMemTable, then use LocalSQL to query this CSV data.
Lets create the in-memory dataset.
Var FDMemTable1 : TFDMemTable; ……….. with FDMemTable1.FieldDefs do begin Add(‘EmpID’, ftInteger, 0, True); Add(‘EmpName’, ftString, 50, False); CreateDataset; Open; end;
with FDMemTable1.FieldDefs.AddFieldDef do begin Name := 'EmpID'; DataType := ftInteger; Required := True; end; with FDMemTable1.FieldDefs.AddFieldDef do begin Name := 'EmpName'; DataType := ftString; Size := 50; end; FDMemTable1.CreateDataset; FDMemTable1…

Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing in Delphi

What is cloud computing?
"Cloud Computing"refers to the on-demand delivery of IT resources and applications via the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing. You can think of the cloud services as a large scale, publicly accessible collection of compute, storage and networking resources. These are allocated via web service calls using HTTP protocol. In other words it is a „programmable data center” that your applications can integrate with. Cloud Computing providers such as Amazon Web Services own and maintain data centers across the globe with the network-connected hardware required for these application services, while you provision and use only what you need. 
Cloud Computing in Delphi
RAD Studio provides Cloud components, which allow you to easily use cloud services from Amazon and Microsoft Azure. RAD Studio provides a framework that allows you to build cloud services and easily connect to your back-end services and databases. With the RAD Studio RAD Cloud deployment, you can m…